Our Story

 Hi, I'm TV the clumsy Girlfriend!


Once Upon A Time...

Ah the good old cliche way of starting off a story.  At least the story is a good one....keep reading!


TV and Kha



Like most guys who care about their significant other, I always felt like I had to protect mine.  Killing spiders, lifting heavy things, and being a human punching bag during scary movies/scenes was where I made a living being a good boyfriend.  Then one day I realized there was another big threat to her safety....Herself!  Although you may not be able to tell from the stick figure, TV is smart, beautiful, loving and.....CLUMSY!  Hide your dishes/glassware, get the towels ready and be prepared for a high pitched scream when she wreaks her havoc hehe.  After broken wine glass number 5834758 it was time for a change.  Fast forward some time later and the Bendi was born.  A Fun, Flexible, Unbreakable Silicone Wine Glass that keeps the party going and makes Broken Glass a Thing of the Past! 


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